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Technique always comes first, which makes sense. It's difficult to paint! You will be able to better express and capture what you think and feel on the canvas if you work on your technique and improve your painting skills. The truth is that there is no magic trick or secret to overnight mastery. It will take time! However, having the correct supervision and feedback for your work may make a huge difference in your success!

For a painter, understanding his work is critical. To be truthful to yourself. The first step in learning how to deal with and get past your flaws when painting is to be aware of them. Finding and keeping hold of strong elements in your work will also be helpful. Overall, having this awareness while painting will enable you to get better with each brushstroke and each canvas you paint, while also achieving the best results at the time.

Many times, however, we come face to face with something even more difficult than the challenges we confront in our technique, and as we believe that by overcoming practical obstacles, everything would be OK, we realise that staying creative, finding inspiration, believing in our abilities, and remaining focused and clear on our aim are all difficult tasks for painters. 

It is common for painters to feel lost, confused, or even overwhelmed by the pressure to do and succeed at everything. That is why it is critical to be honest with ourselves, to set goals, to know what we want to achieve and what we want to get out of it all. To have a plan, to clear our minds, and to focus on what is important, all while enjoying the process

These are just a few of the topics we can discuss. You will be given advice, solutions, a fresh perspective, examples of how I overcame problems, but most importantly, you will be given support and an honest opinion about your work.

A meeting only to discuss you and your work!

- Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

- Price: 100 euro

How it works:


  • Fill in the request form 

  • Upload 5 to 7 of your paintings

  • Complete Payment 

  • Book a date for our online meeting (through an email you will recieve)

What i do:


  • Examine your work

  • Highllight your most powerful elements and how to regulate and gain from them

  • Point out your weakest points, give you advise on how to spin them and work on them

  • Provide you with advise, activities and ideas to help you progress

  • Talk about materials

  • Analyze techniques and color managment

  • Explain to you how to be alert on what happens while you paint, benefit from accidents, learn when to stop

  • Explain the isignificance of composition

  • Assist you with getting things in order, organizing your practice and focusing on what is vital

  • Organizing your portfolio

...and many more

For additional info, email me:

The objective of the online consultation is to offer responses and solutions to issues that come up during the creative process of painting after carefully examining the work and ideas of each interested individual.
Request Form
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Thank you!


Create a unique portrait that reflects an emotion by experimenting with oil, acrylic, and spray paint, using a photo reference as your guide.

Dates upon request

Hours: 10am - 1pm / 2pm - 6pm

Tuition: 2 days €420

              3 days €550

              4 days €650

For further information or any other

questions please feel free to contact me at:

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