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Nikolas Antoniou was born in Larnaca, Cyprus in 1988. He studied at the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia. Today he maintains a studio in Larnaca where he lives and works. 

In most of his works, the human figure occupies a leading role. Figures and portraits, sometimes emerge and sometimes disappear within painting spaces. Bold strokes, bright colors and emotionally charged figures compose works with which the artist tries to talk about the spiritual world of man and the various existential questions that concern him.

In his latest works, Antoniou briefly detaches from the figure, concentrates and re-examines the importance of the background. The figure that was the hero of the work, in fact, was dependent on the dynamic and emotional charge created by the abstract painted surface. With the figure no longer present, this interaction and dependence is left to the viewer to manage.

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