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Works On Paper

Premium Quality Paper.
300gr /140lbs Canvas Grain Paper.

There was always this nagging urge to take walks in nature.

In recent years this has become a routine. My dog's enthusiasm for such walks, and my difficulty in disappointing him, finds us very early in the morning in the car driving towards the perfect spot. According to each season, and the temperature ofcourse, our options are either

the sea, the park or the salt lake.

These walks ended up being more ritualistic or a time for reflectionm rather jsut simple walks.

In addition to feeling useful for my dog and caring for him and my body, I use this time to set my goals for the day, consider what I'll paint, organize my thoughts, and engage in a form of self-criticism.


The value of these nature walks for my mental health is now so obvious to me that it would be nearly impossible for them not to play some role in my creative process.

Series from
April 2023 - June 2023
Series from
January 2023 - March 2023
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