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On November 25th, 2023 "Symphony of Existence", a painting by Nikolas Antoniou, will be exhibited in the historic Church of Santa Luciella ai Librai, in Naples, Italy.

A project organized by Gaudium Gallery.


Artist Statement

In "Symphony of Existence," I invite viewers to immerse themselves in the intricate dance of life, a visual narrative that mirrors the profound journey we all navigate. The canvas serves as a reflective space where ethereal figures, suspended in a painted cosmos, engage in a collective ascent towards the luminous realms above.

This composition is a contemplation of the human experience—our perpetual quest to comprehend the origins of our existence, discern our purpose, and fathom the destination of our journey. The figures, seemingly weightless and interconnected, symbolize the shared voyage we undertake as we navigate the mysteries of life.

The upward trajectory within the painting signifies the aspirational reach towards understanding, a journey towards the metaphorical "light" that represents an ultimate connection—be it with a higher power, with the divine, or with the profound essence of our existence. The interplay of figures emphasizes the interconnectedness of our stories, the intertwining narratives that shape our collective human experience.

As the figures ascend, reaching for an understanding that transcends the earthly, "Symphony of Existence" delves into the profound contemplation of mortality. Drawing inspiration from the intriguing history of Santa Luciella, particularly the discovery of a skull with ears—a symbolic messenger connecting the realms of the living and the dead—the artwork becomes a visual meditation on life's transience. It invites viewers to confront the inevitability of our mortal journey, prompting reflection on the interconnected rhythms of life and the enduring resonance of our collective human narrative.

Symphony of Existence

My largest painting to date. Soon, this artwork will be available as a limited, high-quality print. Join my newsletter for an exclusive preview and be the first to secure this one-of-a-kind print upon its release.


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